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These are my current projects and updates pertaining to them.

July 2022

2022 Digital Zine is here!

May 2022

Another poetry month in the can! At times I thought: wow, these are terrible and depressing. And maybe they are. I'm glad I made the effort and the space, though, even for negative, aimless shit. I don't think it was all as bad as it seemed, but the zine will reveal all. I had some good insights and reminders and gave myself permission to feel for what was missing. Things that helped, actually, kinda: some episodes of the podcast Poetry Centered; and author Austin Kleon's newsletter, the latter of which reminded me to "be a fan first." I'm not feeling like a huge fan of a lot of things right now. I'm a big fat malcontent. However, just noticing that has helped me understand why I have so much energy for the things I do enjoy, and why I enjoy those things in such a peak, life-affirming way. I'll even name these perennial life-savers: TTRPG's (i.e. collaborative stories by, for, and about me and my friends) and straight up smut. Should I publish my smut for the world to see? Probably, even though it is by nature embarrassing and awful and only interesting to me. The main reason I won't publish it is because the price of participating in the culture feels too high. It's ok though. Keeping myself entertained is enough for now. Somebody's gotta do it. Ha!

Anyway, stand by for the zine, I'm working on it RIGHT NOW, I promise.

Oh, also, I'm sorry I haven't been diligent about getting this site's issues resolved... I'm really REALLY happy to have it, and to have access to hosting, and I want it to work, so I'll certainly continue to try to try.