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April TwentyTwentyThree

I was away from my computer and don't know how to update this site without it

Also some of the keys aren't working lol

I took this opportunity to rethink how I do Poetry Month since last year I semi announced in my paper zine that I was considering a different approach. The time it takes to put zines together is significant, after all, and when that time is spent on material that is in effect just a bunch of sketches, well, it's charming but it feels like an intermediary stage that never progresses. At least, it feels that way a little.

I have the sense that people do enjoy receiving the paper zines so I still intend to release one in some form. I also want to make new material available here on this website. It seems like I'm leaning towards just a smaller, more select assortment of work from the month.

I am definitely writing, however! And it's good to remind myself that that's what is really the most important thing about this sacred month.