Welcome to my self-defined weirdspace.

I'm Rachel Naomi West, and I write stuff.


This month, July 2017, I am overhauling my website 100% and preparing to launch a Patreon page.

I've been on Twitter pretty much not at all; I've been on Ello a lot more and have been occasionally posting handwritten epigrams and bits of chaotic wordsorcery there.

This is, for me, a perfect opportunity to clear away the old and build a new vision, a fun new persona, a new workflow that might allow me to actually get something useful into your hands.

When it's all over, I'm hoping to have a website that's still true to my DIY wackadoo aesthetic yet still somehow looks like it actually has an owner...AND which also functions well on mobile devices. I mean, no spoilers... no promises...

Likewise, Patreon is going to be challenging me to think harder about creating things that people will look forward to interacting with regularly.

So I aim to have something to show for all this by the end of the month. That is all.

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