Welcome to Now.

These are my current projects and updates pertaining to them.

September 2020

I've examined several options for getting zines printed by mail and I'm not entirely happy with any of them. I may cancel it this year and look into the possibility of POEMS BY POSTCARD instead. I might have more success if I redid the whole print-ready file to make it more compatible with the printers I'm looking at, but I haven't decided whether or not to do that. The cost is a factor, too, very un-zine-like.

Been playing Monster Of The Week with some friends and so far it's definitely one of the highlights of the year, to say the least.

July 2020

Still not going outside, because staying inside is something I excell at and can now do FOR MY COUNTRY.

Working on the print zine so I can send comfort and joy; email me your preferred postal address if you want one when it's ready, which could still be a while as I am looking for a printer that'll ship to me.

Know any Black-owned print shops who will ship to me?

Still incredibly fortunate to be home and healthy with my husband who is my best friend and best love; we are keeping each other afloat and making the most of that double-pisces bonus. Not sure which stat it affects...PER probably.

I've made the decision to miss so many important things; I have friends going through rough shit and I can't (don't) just go sit with them... And sometimes I blame myself because, well, haven't I always been avoidant and isn't this just An Excuse? Maybe. But also, if you came to me and described this situation and said you felt guilty I would probably just wholeheartedly validate your decision, given that we're all doing our best in a bad situation. Don't know who needs to hear that, but also, why waste time beating yourself up instead of just finding a way to make the best of it?